Expertise in vessel Operations:

Our expertize ensures exacting cost effective vessel planning, management and operations, with number of major shipping lines covering various cargo configurations and specialties from container lines, general cargo, oil tankers, tanker charters and RoRo Vessels.

Customer Service and excellence in execution:

This integrated along with affiliated services such as trucking, storage and turnkey cargo solutions combine to give you, excellencein execution andthe peace of mind that you're in good hands. We have the expertise to undertake the complete management of logistics, warehousing activities so as to exceed expectations at every touch point so that customers can focus on their core business. All the operations are managed by employees of diverse nationalities equipped with the latest information in order to deliver the best customer services

Worldwide Recognition:

Globe Shipping has an impressive track record of successfully identifying, introducing and representing as an agent, some of the world's most reputed container carriers in the market. The responsibility of this function in the Group rests with the liner agency divisions and its companies, who have achieved international recognition of their own excellence in service and efficiency in handling and managing a complex set of weekly services across ports and inland routes.


In addition to their major Shipping activities, Group is diversifying into others like Freight Forwarding, ISO Tank business, Flexi Tanks, Project Cargo, Heavy lift etc. At Globe shipping, each agency continues to practice good Corporate Governance.

Trusted Partner:

With a proven track record in the shipping arena Globe shipping today is a trusted partner to ship owners and operators in the region. With a value added chain of strong relationships with concerned authorities, be it ports or customs & documentations accessibility, the manner of our operations will assure you our commitment.


Globe group a world class shipping Company commit in offering dependable, high-quality service to customers of all types and will continue to commit in expanding their services to meet the growing need and changing demands of business in Saudi Arabia.