With our assurance to comply with quality, safety and environmental objectives, GLOBE Logistics has developed high standards which are complying with our customers own requirements, quality and safety being our top priorities.
As a key role player in the land transportation sector in Middle-East, GLOBE Logistics has also assumed the voluntary obligation to do more than is required to support sustainability, show responsibility for our services, provide more safety for plants and improve occupational health as well as environmental protection.

Trucking :

GLOBE Logistics was created as a natural extension to other GLOBE Group’s activities, organizing so the land transport activities from point of origin to the final delivery locations, regardless if imports, exports or inland services. Here our solutions and resources :

Worldwide Recognition:

		  Relying on 2.000 own operated trucks. 
		  Trusting 1.500 subcontracted units for more flexibility.
		  FTL services (flatbed, silo/bulker, containers…)
		  National and international routes. 
		  Skilled management, staff and drivers. 
		  GPS Track & Trace.

Container & ISO Tanks Handling :

With the operation of our own ideally situated container terminals in Dammam, Jubail and Jeddah, GCTs offer fully computerized operations management that allows total control and flexibility in receiving, storage and delivery to shippers and consignees as well as the stripping and re-stuffing, cleaning and maintenance of the containers.

		  800.000 sqm/ 90.000 TEUs terminal capacity for storage. 
		  Container handling mobile equipments.
		  Empty / laden container and ISO tanks staging areas.
		  Container Repair & Maintenance workshops. 
		  Reefer stations (Dammam and Jeddah). 
		  Container land transportation. 
		  Port shuttles (import/export).

Freight Forwarding:

GLOBE Logistics provides import/export Freight Forwarding services out of KSA up to any destination worldwide. Our dedicated service, expertise and market knowledge is a key milestone in securing export delivery chains. We offer the following services:

		  Booking of capacity onboard the vessels. 
		  Export/Import custom brokerage.
		  Coordination of trucking, export customs and shipping.
		  Shipper to consignee monitoring. 
		  Container management. 
		  Documentation & Trade Compliances. 
		  PTrack & trace, monitoring & reporting (KPIs).
		  Support (or direct) negotiation of sea freight quotes with the global and local available Steam Ship lines.

Added-Value Logistics Services :

In addition and in combination to our core activities, GLOBE Logistics also arranges added-values services such as :

		  Open storage facilities. 
		  Finished product handling.
		  Cargo consolidation/deconsolidation/LCL.
		  Container stuffing/de-stuffing. 
		  Dedicated mobilization, resources and staff. 
		  QSHE driven operations. 
		  Door-to-door supply chain solutions.
		  Tank cleaning.

References & Key Accounts :

We are committed to meet the local growing demand for logistics and transportation services. Our multiple and in-house solutions are valuable answers to the current and future challenges resulting from increased supply-chain complexity. We bring our expertizeto the following main sectors and industries :

		  Petrochemicals / Polymers (Solids). 
		  Chemicals (Liquids).