In Ward facilities

-13 Multipurpose Berths with maximum 12 meters depth.
-Liner Quay Length is 1730 meters.
-2 Livestock Berths with 500 meters & 14 meters depth.
-2 Reefer Berths with 360 meters & 12 meters depth.
-150,000 Sq. M. for Yard Storage
-55,000 Esq. M. for Warehouse Storage.

Modernized & Tailored Made

Variety in Size & Capacity

-Mobile Harbor Crane - 63 / 100 ton.
-Mobile Crane - 35 ton.
-Reach Stacker - 45 ton.
-Empty Handler - 9 ton capacity.
-Heavy Forklift - 25 ton capacity.
-Terminal Tractor - 26 ton capacity.
-Forklift - 7 ton.
-Electric forklift - 3 ton.

Chilled & Frozen Cold Stores

UTC has high quality of handling your chilled & frozen goods in and out of cold stores. UTC Reefer Terminal provides storage facility for container plug in & out. UTC offer intermediate shifting service of reefer containers from the Container Terminal to cold stores within the port premises.

Other Activities

-UTC Container Terminal.
-UTC Logistics.
-UTC Refrigerated Containers Storage.
-UTC Shipping Agencies.
-Universal Surveyor Company.

The Complete Logistics Solution under one roof. UTC Logistics provides a full range of flexible supply chain management services, which can be tailored to meet individual client needs.